26.2.2020. is realised online workshop where previous research of team member were presented, as well as research plans in the project AgriNET – „Network building in the field of competitiveness of agri-food sector of Serbia and the EU countries.

Dr. Bojan Matkovski presented previous research of team members from Serbia:

Dr. Ivan Đurić, expert from diaspora, presented previous research of IAMO:

Prof. Dr. Rade Popović presented research plan on topic “Drivers of farm structure changes in Serbia”:

Danilo Đokić presented research on topic “Agri-environmental indicators and their impact on the technical efficiency of agriculture: The case of Western Balkan and EU”:

Prof. Dr. Stanislav Zekić presented research on topic “Sustainability of agri–food trade of Western Balkan countries in case of COVID-18 crisis”:

Dr. Marija Jeremić presented research on topic “Price transmission and market integration of agricultural products from Serbia”:

Prof. Dr. Tatjana Brankov presented research on topic “Fiid sekf-sufficiency in South-East Europe in light of COVID-19”:

Žana Jurjević presented work package dissemination: